We Create Night





MYNALIGHT  Philosophy

“Creating Night” 
We design night as it should be, believing that the light can transform the environment into the experience.

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MYNALIGHT works in all areas of lighting

We do lighting design, consultation, research and development and design custom lighting fixtures .



Most elaborat service which includes all design phases and documentations related to architectural lighting design scope.





Not limited to architectural lighting design, consultation service offers survey, evaluation and report of existing lighting environment. 




With vast knowledge of the latest trends and technology, MYNALIGHT engages in lighting product development, research and analysis in collaboration with manufacturers and institutes. 



Fixtures & Object

The collaboration with MYNA enables us to burst ideas for decorative lighting fixtures, light-objects, light-arts which distinguishes the atmosphere.


Light is always in between space and surroundings, appears in relation with textures, shades and shadows.

We design lighting attempts to CHANGE an experience into touchingly memorable both visually and emotionally. 

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